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    Hey All!  Unexpected patch this time but no less exciting! Lets jump in!

    • Screaming Banshees now require 15 slayer, as intended
    • You can no longer teleport out of the wilderness via Skill Teleport
    • Lava Spirit Shield has been removed from the Blood Money Shop

    New Commands Have Been Added for Donators:

    • ::SDZ has been added

    Super Donator Zone for Super Donator+

    • ::EDZ has been added

    Elite Donator Zone for Elite Donators

    What You’ve All Been Waiting for:

    4 New Items have been added to the Bloodmoney Store

    • Ring of Wealth – 700,000 Blood Money
    • XP Lamp – 25,000 Blood Money
    • Shayzien Armour Set – 25,000,000 Blood money
    • Overload Sack – 2,500,000

    Overload Sack will include materials to create 5 Overloads:

    • 5 Super Combat Potions(3)
    • 5 Super Magic Potions(3)
    • 5 Super Range Potions(3)
    • 5 Clean Torstol


    Big THANK YOU to you all who have been telling us about bugs and giving us any suggestions to improve the server!  We hope you enjoy everything thus far and look forward to creating more awesome things for you guys! 



    I like that overload stack is the materials for it rather than it, however the name’s a bit misleading unless someone looks here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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